About Us

How LawBasket became a thing!

Hello There!

Welcome to LawBasket! We have liberated justice, and we hope you find the right lawyer for your case or the right case for your skills.

Our Why?

We love the law, and we think it’s time to disrupt the legal profession. Our goal is to bring convenience in finding legal experts and making it easy to get legal help.

Our How?

We have built an intuitive platform with a huge database of legal services, lawyers and the jurisdictions they are registered, making life easy for clients to find legal help online. We believe in competition, so we have also enabled lawyers to bid for cases based on expertise and ratings, allowing them to build their portfolios and a solid online presence.

Our What?

We have liberated the process of getting justice. Simple as that.

Our Timeline

Here is who we are

LawBasket is a social enterprise, and profit making and generating positive outcomes are all a means to achieving affordable access to legal services. Liberating justice and reaching the social goal of making justice more accessible is what we stand for.