About Us

How LawBasket became a thing!

Hello There!

At LawBasket, we believe in liberating justice. 

Our Why?

In 2017, we spoke to 1000 small business owners and asked them to tell us about a time they really needed legal services but could not get them. 719 of these small business owners shared stories of a time they really needed legal services but could not afford legal fees, especially due to the unforeseen nature of legal problems they faced. One former pizza shop owner told us how he ran losses for 4 months straight, when he had to pay legal fees to defend his business from an accident damages claim that arose from a collision of his delivery truck with another business.  These conversations made us realise that the current system of paying lawyers was broken and unsuitable for small businesses with fine profit margins. We felt it was time to reinvent legal services delivery by bringing certainty, convenience and comfort to small businesses that they would get legal help when they need it most. As we set out on this journey, we told ourselves that we would have succeeded if we manage to make legal services cheaper and easier to access for all small businesses across the world.

Our How?

LawBasket works with insurance companies around the world to integrate existing short term/general insurance (e.g motor vehicle, medical or property) with legal protection insurance. When a small business that has integrated legal protection insurance to existing insurance needs legal help, they can simply visit LawBasket, an intuitive platform with a huge database of lawyers and the jurisdictions they are registered. On LawBasket, small businesses can quickly find experts in their area and across the world, allowing them to get legal help without having to separately pay for unforeseen legal expenses. 

Our Timeline

Here is who we are

LawBasket is a legal tech company that integrates short term/general insurance (e.g, motor vehicle, property) with add on legal protection insurance for small businesses across the world. We also run the Find Your Harvey Law Clinics at startup hubs, a platform where early stage startups get free legal help from LawBasket lawyers.